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Holiday Rentals is a WordPress booking platform which allows to publish & offer properties for daily rent. It allow users to signup and publish their own listings, while making a commission for each submission or for each confirmed booking. Each property supports: a default price per night, a different price per night for bookings over 7 days, a different price per night for bookings over 30 days, a different price per night for weekend days, minimum booking days, price for extra guest, cleaning and city fee (with option to calculate these by night, by guest or by guest and night), security deposit, taxes value, early bird discount. The booking platform also supports custom price for custom periods, the option to calculate booking fee by the number of guests and price per guest, and set changeover days (check-in OR check-in and check-out changeover days). For each property the owner can add his own extra booking elements and set a price by night, by guest, as a single fee or by night and guest. Bookings can be synced via Icalendar feed from another platform that supports iCal and export properties iCal feeds to other websites compatible with this system.You can set to import as many Ical feeds as you wish. Admin can accept payments via Paypal, Stripe or Wire Transfer for publishing new properties and/or a service fee for each confirmed booking. Admin can set a Deposit value and a Service Fee value (these can be either in % or as fixed value amount, which deducts from total booking value). The booking platform comes with a private internal message system monitored by admin that handles all messages between registered users. Contact information on owner profile page is available only to users who have a confirmed bookin

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LivingScout Rentals – Palma de Mallorca


Fully Responsive & Retina ready
The theme is ready for all phones and tablets. Offer a smooth user experience on all platforms.

Powerful Theme Admin
Easily manage theme options or content from admin area. Over 200 neatly organised settings are available to build a powerful real estate website.

Flexible Booking Options for All Users
Let users register, submit places to rent and manage their reservations or bookings from their own account.

Submission Options only for Selected Users
If you wish, you can specify in theme options which users can submit properties on your site.

Service Fee / Admin Booking Fee
As site admin you can set a service fee (admin booking fee) that can be a fixed amount or a % of total invoice. The fee that goes to the site administrator is deducted from owner earnings, but it is paid by the user submitting the request as part of the deposit (which, once set, will be mandatory in order for booking to be confirmed)

Booking Price Options
For each property you can set: default price per night, price per night if user books more than 7 days, price per night if user books more than 30 days, price per weekend night (you select what is weekend night from theme options), minimum booking days, cleaning and city fee, price for extra guest, global changeover days (check-in OR check-in and check-out days), early bird discount, security deposit, extra expenses etc.

Early Bird Discount
You can set discount in % and the minim number of days in advance for discount to apply. The % discount applies to price per night.

Cleaning Fee
You can select Cleaning Fee fixed value and the calculation per night, per guest or per night and guest.

City Fee
You can select City Fee as fixed value or %, and the calculation per night, per guest or per night and guest.

Minimum Days of Booking
The minimum number of booking days applies for any booking request. You can override this value from Price Adjustments and set custom minimum days for a custom period. Custom periods are manually set from a calendar (one custom period at a time).

Taxes Value in %
In each property – you can set the tax value (in %) to help owner calculate automatically the taxes he owns based on booking invoice value. This info shows in owner dashboard only and owner is responsible for paying his taxes.

Extra price per guest or pay by the number of guests
In each property you can choose to enable the option to allow extra guests (above the default guest number value) and set the price for extra guest. The theme doesn’t limit the number of extra guests allowed.
You can also allow paying only by guest number (instead of price per night).

Add extra options in booking form – single fee, by night, by guest or by guest and night
In each property the owner can add extra booking options – and set price as fixed fee, by night, by guest or by night and guest. These extra options can be edited / deleted at any time without affecting previous booking requests.

Custom Price for Custom Periods
In each property – price settings you have a calendar to manage custom price for custom periods (you select each first day and last day when you wish the custom rates). For each custom period you can set: custom price per night, custom price per night for 7n+ and for 30n+, custom price for weekend night, minimum days for booking, and changeover days (check-in OR check-in and check-out days).

Manage Turn Over days
Allow only bookings starting with the check in on a specific day of the week OR allow only bookings with the check in/check out on a specific day of the week.

Week-end nights
As admin you can confirm which are considered week-end nights: Friday, Saturday and Sunday OR Saturday and Sunday, OR Friday and Saturday.

Instant Booking or Owner Approval
If instant booking is selected, then booking requests will be confirmed without owner approval (but after admin fee is paid, if that is set by site admin). If owner doesn’t wish to enable Instant Booking, all booking requests will have to be manually reviewed by him (he can reject or approve each request).

Ical Feed Sync
The theme supports Ical feed export and import, which means you can sync your property availability calendar with other platforms that support ical feed. You can add different feeds from different platforms.

Multi Currency Widget
As admin you set one default currency for entire site price and for payments. Extra, admin can enable a multi-currency widget (can be used in footer, header or sidebar widget area). This widget transforms default currency to other currencies (but it is used for information purposes only). The currency widget can sync with YAHOO API to reflect currency conversion value based on real time rates.